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Dispatch interviews David Schreurs who shares his thoughts on Primary's plagiarism controversy

Primary, Park Ji Yoon

Media outlet 'Dispatch' conducted an interview with Caro Emerald's producer and manager David Schreurs to see what his thoughts were on Primary's plagiarism accusations.  Primary was being accused of plagiarizing Dutch singer Caro Emerald's songs not only for "I Got C" but also for Park Ji Yoon's "Mr. Lee" and his song "Happy Ending."

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It turned out that "I Got C," which he created for 'Infinity Challenge Song Festival,' was potentially a mix of three Caro Emerald's songs, "Liquid Lunch," "Paris," and "You Don't Love Me." Primary's side had said that his song sounded similar to Caro Emerald's because they followed the same genre of 'retro swing.'  

However, David Schreurs is of a different opinion: "I don't agree with Primary if he says that this is part of the swing genre.  The elements he uses are clearly copied from our songs and arrangements." He went into the specific similarities between "I Got C" and the three songs.

He did not stop there, but also addressed the other plagiarism accusations.  He mentioned the similarities between Primary's "Happy Ending" and Caro Emerald's "I Know That He's Mine" and "The Other Woman."  He also mentioned the similarities between the song Primary composed for Park Ji Yoon "Mr. Lee" and Caro Emerald's "One Day."

He said he loved how "Mr. Lee" came out as it sounded very fresh.  However, he also called it an identical rip off.  In the end, he said, "Is all of this plagiarism?  I think it's up to a judge to decide this, not to us."

However, David Schreurs appeared to have no bad impressions of Primary, rather complimenting and encouraging him by saying, "I would like to say that Primary sounds like a talented producer.  He uses our music as a template to create his own, which is an honor but on some songs he's just going too far with it. I would like to say he should start trusting his own talent, because he sure is a good producer."

You can check out the comparison videos below and let us know what you think!

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