Posted by alim17 Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Primary addresses plagiarism controversy on his Infinity Challenge song 'I Got C'

Primary revealed his position in the current plagiarism controversy involving the song "I Got C," which he made with Park Myung Soo and Dynamic Duo's Gaeko for the 'Infinity Challenge Song Festival.'

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The song is performing the best out of the Infinity Challenge songs on the charts and had even achieved a perfect all-kill, but netizens noted that the song was very similar to popular Dutch artist Caro Emerald's "Liquid Lunch," subsequently bringing about the plagiarism controversy.

On November 6, Primary's agency, Amoeba Culture, said, "As the actual composer of the song (Liquid Lunch) in the plagiarism controversy said 'It is not plagiarism,' we hope this will no longer be the subject of discussion."  They also said, "It is only a genre-related similarity, definitely not plagiarism."

Also, as the controversy got pretty big, Caro Emerald's manager and producer David Schreurs mentioned it in an interview with one media outlet and revealed his opinion that Primary had referred to some of his songs, but did not make any conclusive plagiarism comments.

Primary's side said, "We hope that relevant reports and this entire circumstance will come to an end."

Check out the comparison video above to see for yourself.

Source: Sport Chosun via Nate

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