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People thought Miryo left Brown Eyed Girls because they could not recognize her?

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TvN's 'Taxi' had everyone's favorite 'adult-dols'Brown Eyed Girls as their guests on September 16. During the show,Miryo revealed that people did not recognize her face after cosmetic surgery to the point that they thought she had actually left the group.

After the girls' 5th album 'Black Box'was released, Miryo went on the internet to do a search and discovered a new topic: "Miryo has suddenly left the group."Kim Gu Rathen said people probably wondered where Miryo was because they did not recognize her.


Miryo agreed with his theory, saying, "I evolved with each album."JeA added, "We went to a recording studio yesterday, andKim Na Young thought Miryo was some other rookie singer, so she ignored Miryo and greeted only the rest of us."

Miryo had asked Kim Na Young, "You honestly didn't know I was Miryo, right," to which Kim Na Young responded in surprise, "You're Miryo?"

The rapper concluded, "I think I'm going to love me for me now. I'm satisfied with how I look. I won't be getting any more surgery."

Do you think Miryo's appearance has changed a lot?

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