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EXO talk about their sasaeng fans

By starsung   Tuesday, August 13, 2013   187,788   2,791   842



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It's safe to say that EXO has really passionate fans, but according to EXO, that passion should have a limit for everyone's safety and well-being. 

EXO opened up about their sasaeng fans in an interview, stating, "We do have a lot of the so-called sasaeng fans. Of course, we are aware that their actions are rooted in interest and affection for us so we are thankful that they like us. But honestly, we do hope that they can control themselves a little bit."

"Although we like that they come out to see us, we would like it if they keep order and show manners in public places... When we have overseas schedules, [sasaeng fans] purposefully ride on the same plane as us and take photos of us non-stop. More so than how we are uncomfortable, there were many times when we felt sorry for the damage caused to the innocent passengers and crew members."

"We are also sorry to our neighbors who suffer when our fans come to our dorm.There are fans who also sleep outside of our dorm and we hope that they refrain from doing such a dangerous thing. And we will be even more thankful if they keep order when coming to meet us at public events."

The group also cleared up misunderstandings regarding the photos floating around that were rumored to picture a female sasaeng fan who allegedly disguised herself to follow the boys into the men's bathroom. "Recently, there was a rumor that one female fan shaved off her hair and entered the men's restroom which we were in and took a photo. In reality, there are actually people who do follow us into the bathroom to take photos, but for those particular photos, the fan was not a cross-dressing girl, but actually a guy."

The boys also shared some exciting news, as they revealed their plans to launch an official fan club soon. "We plan to start an official fan club this year. If that happens, we think that there will be more organization among fans who come out to see us."

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Source: Asia Today

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whatttdsdsd22 Friday, January 9, 2015

creepy no lives ;

vickyseoyounglee Tuesday, December 2, 2014


ayana_blaine Sunday, March 16, 2014

I would go ape-shit on those saesaeng fans if I were EXO. I guess that's why I'm not apart of EXO. Seriously though, I would really give them a taste of their own medicine. How would you like it [saesaeng fans] If you had some creeper constantly stalking you in the weirdest of places. Like, are you fudging serious, the bathroom? Who would do that? Wait, let me answer that question: Crazy ass saesaeng fans that have no life. ;

xxinfinitegirlxx Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sasaengs are freaking crazy. If they are going to act like this shame on them. Like seriously sasaengs FUCK OFF

snsdshineesjexo Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sorry to say this ; ; ; ;

Sasaengs pls stop this ; ; EXO is really troubled by this

Baekhyun feels apologetic to his brother bcoz of sasaengs going to baekhyun's brother wedding and they even stand on chairs to take pics of EXO so sasaengs pls stop this ;

snsdshineesjexo Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sorry though......

david_kim Sunday, December 1, 2013

The reason EXO sounds so nice is that like 65% of SM's money comes from sasaengs. If it wasn't for the profit, Exo would go bananas on their post lol.

daydreambelieva Friday, November 29, 2013

"There are fans who also sleep outside of our dorm"
..... wow... that's dangerous!!! And cold....

joannakpop Sunday, September 29, 2013


EXO fans create the XOXO Movement to fight against sasaeng fans
The sasaeng issue has gotten so out of hand that it's starting to become harmful to the members' mental health, especially D.O's. ;

The XOXO Movement encourages EXO fans to stop spreading around sasaeng-like photos. That means fans shouldn't repost, retweet, or share any photos of the EXO members when they're in front of the SM Entertainment building, when they're going to take a shower at a hotel, when they're eating out at restaurants, or basically when they're not at any official event.

There is some debate about whether or not fans can take pictures of the EXO members at airports, because as we know, many other groups get their pictures taken at airports (that's why we have those "rate this person's airport fashion" topics), so that's all still up in the air. But it'd be awesome if fans would stop ambushing and shoving the EXO members when they arrive/depart from the airport.

The XOXO Movement encourages fans to only take pictures of the EXO members when they're at a concert, a fansign event, broadcast events, an interview, or any other official event. The XOXO Movement also discourages the spreading of rumors, drama, and any sort of negativity regarding the members or their fans. Rumors, especially, spread like wildfire and some of the more gullible folk are quick to believe them.


expelliarmus Monday, September 30, 2013

what happened to DO?

sarahshin07 Sunday, June 7, 2015

@expelliarmus he once got hit in the eye bc of a sasaeng fan's DSLR camera

mckinley Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ughh stop being so nice to stalkers. Tell them how you really feel already. That just so really creepy messed up stuff.

allthelt34kpop Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sasaeng fans please stay behind the limit line. If you love EXO you should behave and for the sake of their safety

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