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Celebrities urge fans to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election

By    Tuesday, December 18, 2012   36,627   49,389   0



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Celebrities urged everyone to participate in the President Election by voting on December 19th.

SHINee's Jonghyun wrote a series of tweets to his fans. He wrote, "I don't know much as well, but I'm doing my best to make a serious decision. There's a time when I spent all night studying for tests during finals week in Korea. For the day that determines our future, let's take a little break, study and vote tomorrow! The voting rate among the youth is so low. The sovereign power of Korea is in the hands of its citizens, and everything is decided by the citizens. It's the 2nd article in the 1st chapter of our law. It's tomorrow. There are many friends near the young Jonghyun that say that they're not interested and they don't know (what's going on)... It's disappointing... It's our business! Let's Definitely vote!"

2PM's Chansung tweeted, "To everyone who hasn't decided which candidate to vote for yet..! To everyone who say that there's no one to vote for..! Even if it's not the best, you can still have a choice..!! No matter what side, if you look hard enough you'll find good points. If you're hungry, you can't decide not to eat because there's no food that you like...^^".

2AM's Jo Kwon wrote, "The people that vote is the future of Korea..*", and Seulong tweeted, "Everyone, it's very easy, right?? Let's all vote".

Wonder Girls' Yenny tweeted, "It's finally tomorrow! December 19th! It's the 18th Presidential Election Day~ Everyone, I trust that everyone will vote!! I'm going back home to Paju tomorrow so I can vote as well~ I'm nervous and anticipating it..! Fighting!!!!".

After School's Lizzy also wrote, "Today is Election Day! Everyone, go vote~ Also, apparently today's my 1000th day since debut♥ Thank you".

Lee Hyori retweeted many things about voting, and also wrote, "Many idol hoobaes wrote messages urging people to vote... At that age, I wasn't like that, and I'm so proud of them.. I'm looking forward to cool proof shots~^^".

On the way back from 'Running Man' filming, HaHa wrote, "I'm in the running KTX.. It's been a while, right? Gary is sleeping next to me~ Behind me is the giraffe and the skilled hyung. Behind them rest Yoo-god and Big-nose hyung! We ate a box of snacks, a lunchbox and drank some beer on the way back home from working hard! We have to get up fast! Because we have to vote tomorrow! You'll vote, right? hehe".

DJ DOC's Kim Chang Ryul tweeted, "I~ Say Vo. You~ Say Te. Ke. Vo~".

Yoon Jong Shin wrote, "Originally, I was going to move tomorrow... It was a day I had planned since a long time ago... I've boldly pushed it a day back.. Voting comes before moving^^".

ZE:A's Kwanghee said, "It's my second presidential election. I'm already in my mid-20s. Everyone, go vote with me. Aren't you looking forward to it?"

It's good to see all the idols so eager to vote.

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