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Posted by AKP STAFF Sunday, June 10, 2012

Music Therapy: Summer Lovin' (Stage 1: The Crush)


Sometimes music attracts us for its emotional quality. We enjoy a particular song when it matches our mood. For example, when I'm calm, I prefer listening to the strumming of IU's guitar in "Peach"; when I feel like getting up and bouncing around, I'd rather jam to Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby".

But music can do more than reflect what's already there; it can inspire us to feel a certain way, or to see things in a new light. Listening to music can be a therapeutic and learning experience, and allkpop's new feature, 'Music Therapy' will bring you songs that will guide you through your best/worst times with less work and less pain!


School is almost over, and summer is just around the corner! And with our mind off of work, what better time than to pursue romantic relationships? This summer, don't let your romance turn into a sad, personal Korean drama. The potential of having a one-sided love may sound pretty bad, but it doesn't have to be! Having a crush can be fun, as long as you approach it with a positive attitude.

For this edition of 'Music Therapy', we present 'Stage 1: The Crush', a playlist of songs that can advise you on how to enjoy a bit of romance this summer. Check them out, and see which songs relate to you!


Music Therapy: Summer Lovin'
Stage 1 --The Crush
Stage 2 --The Honeymoon
Stage 3 --The Comfort Zone
Stage 4 -- The Heartbreak


-- PART I: The 'Hunt' Begins --

Taeyang's "I Need a Girl" : Some of us don't necessarily have actual crushes to pursue, but would like a special someone with whom to spend our days. Big Bang's Taeyang, in his song "I Need a Girl" (2010), expresses a similar sentiment, as he explains that he is "tired of being alone" and "sick of being single". He embarks on a hunt for a girl to call his own, and lists his preferences within the very first verse:

Not mindlessly talking,
not [acting like] a young kid, but wrapped up in my arms (yeah)
Whenever she's bored
she's not the kind of girl who plays [around] but loves only me.

Taeyang, just as anyone else, wants someone who will be faithful to him but also has the aesthetics he prefers. He needs a girl who takes life and her relationships seriously--a girl who is not only pretty on the outside but "pretty on the inside too".

Additional Recommendation: SECRET's "Shy Boy"

If you have any fantasies about your "perfect" half, comment below with your own preferences!


-- PART II: You drive me crazy! --

Wonder Girl's "Be My Baby" : Perhaps you've already got someone in mind. In that case, you may know what the Wonder Girls are talking about in their hit song, "Be My Baby" (2011), as they sing the lines:
Crazy. Why am I [acting] so crazy?
Lately, all I do during the day
is memorize your image in my head.

Perfect, everything [about you] is perfect.
Terrific, even deep inside.
How is it possible that there's nothing that you lack?

According to the Wonder Girls, you know you're in love with someone when your feelings progress to an antsy obsession. You can't help but think about how great he or she is. Is that a crime? No. Is stalking him or her 24/7 a bit too much of a sasaeng-esque? Possibly. But you can certainly try to at least approach your love interest with the proposition-- "Please, be my baby". But until you hear back from him or her, you can clap, skip, and shake along with the song during the exciting wait.

Additional Recommendation: miss A's "Breathe"

Anyone waiting for that special someone to answer back? Tell us below!


-- PART III: Love Is Strange --

TVXQ's "Hug" : Love is a strange phenomenon. Not only does it plague our minds obsessively, but it makes us want to do things that, in a different context, would violate certain social boundaries. TVXQ boldly mentions some of these unusual desires in their debut song, "Hug" (2004).

While Jaejoong starts off the list by crooning about how he would like to "[lay] on your bed in your room. Oh baby," Junsu and Changmin follow suit with their own additions, as they sing, "I want to be your diary," and, "For just a day I would like to be your cat," respectively. As mere pickup lines, these phrases may receive raised eyebrows rather than boatloads of swooning fangirls in response, but because such lines are juxtaposed against a sweet and charming tune, along with TVXQ's young, smiling faces, they carry an angelic and genuine tone to them. This song serves as a great reminder of the strange yet sweet effect that love has on people.

Additional Recommendation: G.O.D's "The Reason Opposites Attract"
We are such different people
Everything we do is total opposites
But I'm so happy when I'm with you

I think I'm going to love you


So that concludes the first installment of 'Music Therapy'. Let us know which K-pop songs would be on your own summer romance playlist in the comments section below!

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  6. MISS A
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