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Winners from MBC's '4th Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships'

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MBC has brought back their popular holiday special, 'Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships', for the 2012 Lunar New Year!

This special was led by MCs Leeteuk and Boom, etc while After School's UEE, Shinhwa's Andy, and B2ST's Doojoon read the declaration for the opening ceremony.

As for the sporting events, viewers got to see idol participants like miss A, B2ST, T-ara, 4minute, After School, Davichi, SISTAR, G.NA, Shinhwa's Andy, Brown Eyed Girls, MBLAQ, SECRET, INFINITE, U-KISS, A Pink, Rainbow, ZE:AMighty Mouth and more go head-to-head for the gold.

Check out the winners' list below!


> Overall Team Winner

Team C (INFINITE, After School) & Team F (SISTAR, Boyfriend)

2 2 1


> Men's Events

- High Jump:

Niel wins his first-ever gold medal with a leap of 1.65m.

TEEN TOP's Niel - 1.65m
TEEN TOP's Ricky, B1A4's Sandeul

- 50m Dash:

A new dash king was crowned as the almost invincible Dongjun was dethroned by Baro in a photo finish. We are definitely looking forward to their race again this Summer!

B1A4's Baro - 6.39s
ZE:A's Dongjun - 6.43s
INFINITE's Hoya - 6.53s

50m Hurdles:

Dongjun flew out of the starting blocks and won with relative ease. He made a call out to record holder, SHINee's Minho to return at the next meet for a showdown.

ZE:A's Dongjun
INFINITE's Woohyun
Boyfriend's Donghyun

- 200m Walking Relay Race:

The pivotal moment came in the 3rd leg as Doojoon overtook Kim Jong Min whose team had been leading, and eventually cruised home the winners.

B2ST (Yoseob, Doojoon, Junhyung, Dongwoon)
Sangchu, Kim Kyung Jin, Kim Jong Min, Jang Dong Min
MBLAQ (G.O, Lee Joon, Thunder, Mir)

- 400m Relay:

The pivotal moment came in the 3rd leg as Woohyun cut in from nowhere to build a sizeable lead which Hoya would maintain until the end despite a frentic chase down by Dongjun.

INFINITE (Woohyun, Hoya, Dongwoo, L)
ZE:A (Junyoung, Minwoo, Dongshik, Dongjun)
B1A4 (Baro, Sandeul, Gongchan, Jinyoung)

50m Swim:

Seemed to be a cruise to the finish for Daniel but alas he seemed to tire at the end as Shorry made a frentic push and eventually pipped him at the finish line.

Mighty Mouth's Shorry J - 33.77s
Dalmation's Daniel - 33.96s
Marco - 36.69s


> Women's Events

- High Jump:

Making her 1st-ever appearance at the meet, Kahi wins with her perfect leap. She also made a call out to record holder, f(x)'s Luna to return at the next meet for a showdown.

After School's Kahi
NS Yoon G
Girl's Day MinAh

50m Dash:

Seemingly a repeat of the hurdles race, with Bomi, Bora and Ga Eun in the final, together with Eunji who won the 100m outdoor race at the last meet. Another thrilling race which was won by Ga Eun as she simply powered her way from the start to finish to win the gold medal.

Dal Shabet's Ga Eun
Nine Muses' Eunji

- 50m Hurdles:

A thrilling race from start to finish as Bomi flew out of the starting blocks and never looked back. Bora who won at the previous meet and Ga Eun tried their best to catch up but failed to do so.

A Pink's Bomi - 9.82s
SISTAR's Bora - 9.92s
Dal Shabet's Ga Eun - 10.12s

200m Walking Relay Race:

A perfect walk at the track for the SISTAR girls who led from the start and never looked back. Their 2nd consecutive gold medal win for the event.

SISTAR (Bora, Hyorin, Dasom, Soyu)
Davichi (Minkyung, Haeri), T-ara (Hyomin, Qri)
G.NA, 4minute (Sohyun, Jihyun, Jiyoon)

400m Relay:

SISTAR continued their dominance by picking up their 4th consecutive gold medal. Unlike the last meet which was too close to call, SISTAR led from the start and cruised to the finish this time.

SISTAR (Hyorin, Dasom, Soyu, Bora)
Nine Muses, Jewelry (Eunji, Ye Won, Kyung Lee, Lee Saem)
After School (UEE, Lizzy, Jooyeon, Kahi)

50m Swim:

It looked to be another neck-to-neck final race after first-time participant, Minha had pipped the defending champion, Woori in the qualifying round. And it proved to be indeed a thrilling final race as Minha led Woori before the latter managed to catch up and it was simply too close to call. In the end, Woori just about managed to hold off the competition to win her 2nd consecutive gold medal at the swim event. Minha surprisingly ended up 3rd as she did not touch the panel at the end hard enough to register her timing. Despite flying off the blocks the latest, Rania's T-ae came in second.

Rainbow's Woori - 44.41s
Rania's T-ae - 46.98s
Nine Muses' Minha - 47.70s


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