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Brian Joo's story about 'Siwon the Thief' gets out of hand?


On the January 28th broadcast of MBC 'Quiz That Changed the World',singer Brian Joo made an appearance as a guest, performing his new song "Let This Die" then participating in an interview with the hosts.To everyone's amusement, Brian put his close friend Siwon of Super Junior on blast on-air with a hilarious story.

Well-known to have a good eye for house decor, Brian sent everyone reeling when he shared, "I don't have friends that leave clutter in my house. Instead, there's someone that comes over and steals things. That friend is Choi Siwon."

"He steals clothes, hats and accessories that I buy overseas," Brian continued. "He just goes into my walk-in closet, tries on my hats, then leaves without asking."

Though the story amused the audience and fellow cast members, a number of viewers reacted negatively to the misdeeds. Brian ultimately took to Twitter to explain and apologize for the situation with English and Korean messages the next morning.
"Some people think that@siwon407 is a bad guy cause of what I said on a show. It was all for laughs so please don't judge him or me please;("

"I exaggerated about @siwon407 on air?? I sincerely apologize. I did it for fun just as a prank because I love him like a brother. I hope you all don't misunderstand. I love you Siwon ^^"

"Thank u all for understanding... Thank you ^^ Understand that @siwon407 and I are all good people, I'm sorry if people misunderstand... Sorry Siwon for making things awkward"

A day later, it looks like the situation hasn't died down, as Brian tweeted again,
"Those tweeting about Siwon & myself... About stealing clothes, please, I ask you all to stop... Please"

Netizens on Twitter posted reassuring messages to the singer with sympathetic & encouraging messages like, "I took it as a joke ... Looks like people are taking this too seriously," and,"It will die down soon since it's not true. Your real fans trust you and Siwon. Try and avoid looking at these comments."

Source:Asia Today, Twitter

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