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Big Bang's G-Dragon caught smoking marijuana

By    Wednesday, October 5, 2011   487,847   95   0



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It's just been reported that Big Bang's leader G-Dragon has been caught by authorities for smoking marijuana. "We indicted G-Dragon on the charges of smoking marijuana," said a representative for the Seoul police on October 5th. According to investigators, G-Dragon had smoked marijuana sometime in the middle of May this year, and had taken a drug test in July. Although the results had come back negative with an initial urine test, further tests overturned that decision, and he had confessed at the time that he had been taking the drug at a Japanese club when he had visited the country for a concert. "I smoked a cigarette that someone had given me at a club," G-Dragon said. "The smell was somewhat different from that of a regular cigarette so I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana, but it is true that I smoked it," he said. According to investigators, since the amount of marijuana was so small and G-Dragon had no prior offences, they decided to give him a warning. Stay tuned to allkpop as the story unfolds. Source: Sports Seoul, Kyunghyang via Nate

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ot94ever Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Korea needs to join the rest of the world in realizing that marijuana smokers are no worse than alcohol drinkers, or regular cigarette smokers. Yea, there's positive and negative effects to all of those, but it's the individual's business, not anyone else's.

david_kim Sunday, January 5, 2014

You do know that the reason most countries ban marijuana is the taxes. Still I would rather have teenagers smoke cigs on the street everyone in the country high as f on marijuana. Korean is listed on one of the top countries to smoke and drink. I don't think adding marijuana to that would be smart.

ot94ever Monday, January 6, 2014

@david-kim A. The taxes would improve the economy, so that's untrue. The reason that most countries ban it, is the same reason the USA banned it, and is still fighting reform, despite public opinion in favor of drug policy reform: $7,000,000,000 per annum spent on a failing "War on Drugs" and the people that receive that money don't want it to stop. B. Everyone in the country wouldn't be "high as f on marijuana" that's a myth, it just wouldn't punish the people that use it, and C. I know they're bad with tobacco, and alcohol, that's my point. Both of those are far worse from a health standpoint than cannabis, and people are far worse when they're drunk, than when they're stoned. But at then end of the day, it boils down to "it's a plant" and when natural things are illegal, then freedom doesn't really exist.

david_kim Monday, January 6, 2014

@ot94ever I would have to politely disagree with legalizing marijuana in Korea. Korea is a small country with a huge population. Lets put aside all the taxes and war on drugs for now. The society in Korea is under heavy pressure right now. Everyone striving to stand out on top because it is the country where the most education and competition takes place. That's how our small country with many opposing countries, is able to stand strong today. Adding marijuana would slowly start to destroy that process as alcohol and tobacco already is in Korea. It's not like American where you study a little less and you can still live in a decent house with a family. People heavily look down upon drug usage in Korea (except teenagers). Plus Korea is a country where mandatory military service is required for every male citizen. I don't think adding marijuana while our society is under economic pressure and pressure from other countries such as North Korea, would be smart.

ot94ever Monday, January 6, 2014

@david-kim Well, that's possible, I suppose. I'm more speaking in general terms, and like I said, just because it's regulated by the state, instead of a black market, doesn't mean everyone is going to do it, and obviously military personnel would still be banned, but even if it isn't fully legalized, the amount of punishment in Korea is far greater than the crime, not to mention the fact, that people can't even go to some other country where it IS legal, and do it, without being tested upon their return, and that's very wrong. You should not get in trouble, for what you did in another country, that doesn't even make sense. I do see your point about the pressures, and stuff, but the economy would benefit from it. Much like alcohol, it's not like every single person is going to be blotto 24/7 and the country will fall apart, before this century it was legal, (and used) for thousands of years without any negative effects. However, I can understand that each country, and society is different, so legalization may not be the best solution, but surely you can agree that putting someone in prison for years, is extreme overkill. Drug users, (and this goes for everything from weed and beer, to meth and heroin,) should be helped, not punished, because punishment does not solve the crime. Look at the DPRK for instance. Meth, and the usage thereof is at an all-time high there, and anyone caught doing it is executed, whereas Paraguay decriminalized all drugs, and is treating addiction as a public health crisis, (which it is) and they have cut down on their addiction/drug-related-death rates immensely. The solution may vary from country to country, but one thing is for certain, and that is, the current policy of most "free" nations, is failing drastically, and draining the economy through prisons, and courts, and all the costs that go into prohibition.

stregas15 Saturday, December 21, 2013

I believe it's good that he confessed to it, but one thing learned from this experience is that he shouldn't be smoking something he doesn't know about, something suspicious, or something from a foreign country he doesn't know anything about

xoxorica Sunday, November 10, 2013

well GD confessed he smoked a cigarette that's "different from that of a regular cigarette" he didn't asked for marijuana someone gave him that cigarette

fine_day Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can't judge him. As long you don't get addicted. ; I smoke it too some times. It's legal in many countries including the Netherlands. There's even a very popular reggae song ; titled "Legalize it" ; ^__^

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