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Posted by 2 pts Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TVXQ wasn't spared from a crazy schedule


Former 5-man group, TVXQ and their grueling schedule has caught attention. This followsSNSD's alarminglycrazy schedule which was revealed last week. SNSD's written out day to day schedule recently surfaced to the online community. The schedule proved the hard work of current sky-rocketing popularity of SNSD, showing that they barely have a moment to rest from June 8th until the end of July. Some perspectives saw their busy schedule as not a sign of popularity, but more of a health concern. However, the spotlight has shifted back a few years as the former 5-man TVXQ's schedule recently appeared online as well. The schedule plotted out TVXQ's errands for a year, from July 2008 to July 2009, including but not limited to: magazine photo shoots, studio recording sessions, movie filming, DVD filming, cover photo shoots, and CF shoots. With that said, netizens were shocked to see that the schedule had the 5 members entering and departing the country almost as often as normal people have mealtimes and pulling multiple gigs a day with barely a day to rest throughout the year. Netizens commented, "SNSD doesn't even compare to this", "Is this even possible?', 'That's horrible, that must have been so painful', 'Celebrities have it hard', and 'They need avatars', sharing both their feelings and concerns. Source + Photo: TVreport via Nate

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