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MBLAQ's Lee Joon is suffering from insomnia and bipolar disorder


MBLAQ's Lee Joon showed up for an interview with Newsen having only slept for 40 minutes out of the entire day. When told that he looked tired, he nonchalantly replied, "It's fine, I'm used to such a lifestyle." Is there any other idol as busy as he is? Busily preparing for MBLAQ's new album, filming for KBS 2TV's "Jungle Fish 2," working on variety programs - it seems like even 10 bodies won't be enough to complete Lee Joon's hectic schedule. Lee Joon previously showed glimpses of his fatigue while appearing on an Mnet program and dozed off while on the show. Viewers began wondering whether he wasn't putting in enough effort into the show, and said it was right for him to have lost his admission to Seoul University. Regarding this issue, Lee Joon stated that he felt regretful, but he had a reason. He clarified, "I had no time to rest during that period. I knew that I had to study, but I couldn't. I have a severe bipolar disorder, and people only saw what was broadcasted on TV. They don't see the effort behind the screen, such as the late-night rehearsals. No matter how hard I tried, my body just couldn't keep up with me, so it was very upsetting." Despite the physical and mental stress, Lee Joon continues to work hard in improving himself and achieving satisfaction in his work. "Acting is so fun. I have to work harder on it, but it's hard to pay too much attention to it when I also have album promotions to do. While on break from the drama, I'd go film for a variety program, and then record for MBLAQ's album during the 30-minute breaks. I wanted to do at least one thing properly, but I was never satisfied with what I put out." Despite having to work under such harsh conditions, Lee Joon stated that he was doing the best he could, and as joyfully as he could. "I've suffered from insomnia before my debut. It was fixed for a bit due to the fatigue after our debut, but it has come back recently. I haven't slept for two days today and went for my script reading. It's fun, so it's all right. I don't think I'll be appearing on variety programs as often. I'll be working hard on my drama and making sure our new album is of high quality." Source + Photo: Newsen Tip: leejoonwifey

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