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KFPCAI send out official letters of request to broadcasting stations to prevent JYJ's TV promotions


Following news of SM Entertainment filing a provisional ban on JYJ's first new album, 'The Beginning', as well as filing an exclusive contract suspension injunction between JYJ and their contracted company, CJ Entertainment, it was also confirmed that on October 11th, official letters of request were sent to three public broadcasting stations (MBC, SBS, KBS), one cable broadcasting station (Mnet), and various online album distribution sites to refrain JYJ from making appearances on shows and halt album sales. On October 12th, a fan of JYJ wrote on an internet open board, "I work at a cable broadcasting station, and I heard that the 'Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI)' sent out official letters to both the public and cable broadcasting stations." According to this fan, the official letter of request contained information stating that as JYJ may harm the effect of Korea's Hallyu Wave, they state they will not be responsible for any disadvantages caused by their appearances on their shows. This information was later directly confirmed by an associate of the KFPCAI, and has since been spreading at lightning speed on Twitter and various internet communities, currently causing a great deal of concern amongst JYJ's fans. A representative from the 'Korean Entertainment Producers Association', which is one of eight major associations in the KFPCAI, explained, "We are not siding with SM Entertainment, but we are aware of JYJ currently holding onto a dual contract. This situation has risen because their exclusive contract problem with SM Entertainment has not yet fully been resolved by the law." The representative continued, "Whether it was the company that mistreated the group, or the group created the problem, we do not know. That is a separate issue in itself. However if we let this 'dual contract' issue pass, what agency would even want to raise their artists?" He stated they are not sure when exactly the group decided to separate from the company and walk their own path, however they are merely just speaking opinions on behalf of the industry. He added, "DBSK had a huge effect on the Hallyu Wave and on other idol groups walking their own paths, but for the group to separate is the same as throwing cold water on the numerous agencies preparing hard to advance overseas." The representative also explained that the group's separation has the potential to damage the reputation of the idol groups who have already successfully advanced into the Japan market. In addition, through JYJ's album distributors, Warner Bros, KFPCAI will also be sending out requests to postpone album sales on music sites such as Melon and Dosirak. Prain, who are JYJ's PR agency, revealed on October 13th, "They have been so busy all of yesterday and today with their showcase that they have not been able to look into the official letters that were sent out. However they don't believe it is something to worry too much about." With regards to SM's provisional ban request against their new album, Prain said, "We are still currently trying to understand the exact information details on that matter. We will be exchanging discussions with the group's management company, CJ Entertainment, later this evening." Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on this issue. Source + Photo: Star News Translated by: Luigi and SEARIMS

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BTS, Jin, j-hope, RM (Rap Monster), 8eight, Lee Hyun
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BTS, Jin, j-hope, RM (Rap Monster), 8eight, Lee Hyun
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