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Mnet Media to file lawsuit against Bahnus for Lee Hyori


There's no doubt in the fact that Lee Hyori's title of a singer has been severely defamed, after admitting the fact that the plagiarism accusations surrounding many of her tracks in album H-Logic are true indeed. By posting a self-written entry on her website explaining the situation, Lee Hyori has made her personal apologies to the victims of plagiarism, and announced to quit all her activities as a singer for now. Although it seems like a right thing to do, especially after bringing much harm and damage to others, fans and netizens were disappointed nonetheless to hear such news. However, there is a something we should all understand before starting to point fingers - Lee Hyori, nor any artists signed under Mnet Media is responsible for writing the plagiarized tracks, but a mysterious songwriter well-known as Bahnus. After further investigations, its been revealed that Bahnus Vacuum is actually a group of songwriters consisted of seven domestic & overseas songwriters and composers. The team centers around its leader Lee Jae Young aka Bahnus, who's received his music degrees at Cologne University of Music and Dance in Germany and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in England. Bahnus Vacuum was first introduced to Mnet Media through the company's employee's close relations with one of the members of the team. Now we know more about Bahnus Vacuum, it's time to hear more about their unfortunate fate. Intentional or not, the group has blatantly stole others' intellectual property as if they were their own. Not only that, Bahnus Vacuum even made up lies saying how it was those others who stole off of him, with a false story explaining how the tracks were "leaked" while they were in development. Because the group has committed plagiarism and fraud, Mnet Media has announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against Bahnus Vacuum, and will be compensating for the damages to each and every victim of this issue. The company's in the process of seeking these original songwriters all over the world, including England, Canada, and even Norway. The fact that Mnet Media is being responsible for Lee Hyori's issue is very noteworthy, since the company no longer holds Lee Hyori as one of their signed artists. The company explains how it's morally correct to protect Lee Hyori, since Mnet was held in charge for the production of the album. There really seems to be no bright side in this issue - the damage is permanent, and the reputation of K-pop has been downgraded even further by foreign audience. Do you think there is really no end to this?

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