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More about Kim Woo Bin's recent cancer diagnosis

By mkim93   17 days ago   152,776   9,482   0



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On July 3, Channel A's 'Heard It Through the Grapevine' reported on Kim Woo Bin's nasopharyngeal cancer diagnosis.

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One reporter stated Kim Woo Bin had to stop filming due to his condition, reporting, "Kim Woo Bin's neck suddenly started to become inflamed, and his nose started bleeding. After going to the doctor, he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer."

'Heard It Through the Grapevine' host Lee Joon Seok explained, "Nasopharyngeal cancer is a type of cancer that is caused by tumors from the back of the nose to the rooftop of your mouth. However, if the cancer cells travel towards the brain, a cranial nerve paralysis can occur. It's a rare and serious disease that happens to 1 in 100,000 people."

Another reporter mentioned, "Kim Woo Bin is resting, so he can fully concentrate on his treatment. At first, he didn't want to become a burden to the movie so he wanted to continue to film, but all the producers told him to focus on his treatment."

Hopefully, Kim Woo Bin recovers soon.

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ko0kie76 17 days ago

Kim Woo Bin is lucky cause he found out about his disease at an early stage. My mom's friend's mother also had this cancer which she found it out already at stage 4 because this cancer didn't show any symptom to her body. Get well soon, Kim Woo Bin!

allexyah ko0kie76 16 days ago

did she recover?

ko0kie76 allexyah 16 days ago

No.. She passed away last month. :(

allexyah ko0kie76 16 days ago


RumiKpopfan888 17 days ago

God please he to recover soon!!!

kalimilano 17 days ago

Hope he'll recover soon

2fat 17 days ago

Jeez. I've been wondering about him. This is a terrible disease and it's going to be a miracle for him to survive it. Just shows that you can be big, strong, handsome and successful and have it all turn to shit in an instant. Live your life like the fragile thing it is.

BLACK_SUN 17 days ago

please take care of your health first , rest a lot and don't thinking about work anymore.....

myanaconda 17 days ago

Oppa get well soon, im praying that disease will move to people i hate.

Loves_pinks myanaconda 17 days ago

Okay this rude people u hate are important people for others so just shut up and pray that he heals .

saro myanaconda 17 days ago

something is weird with you

changminbaby 17 days ago

get well soon T____T

Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

I hope he will recover soon, it's really unfair, woo bin oppa is one our most talented actor and he is only 28 years old!!!! ( the same age of me)

dooda Wang_Sejung 17 days ago


Wang_Sejung dooda 17 days ago

unni, a person is sick and you are laughing? HaHaHa? don't you have any shame?

Mana92 Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

How long are you gonna be 28? Just curious

Wang_Sejung Mana92 17 days ago

Until the 10 of July dong saeng and after that I will be 29.

Mana92 Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

Try and remember that for the next post you lie

dooda Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

You are the unni. Don't unni me I'm way younger than you

dooda Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

And I'm laughing because of your unni unni unni when you are 28 years old. Grow up

Wang_Sejung dooda 17 days ago

Ok,ok you are my dong saeng.

angelazhou Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

waitt but you told me you were in uni..?

Wang_Sejung angelazhou 17 days ago

Yes, I am at studying at prestigious Seoul National University. So what is the problem?

angelazhou Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

lol I just imagined uni students to be younger. I guess you decided to go back to study some more

Wang_Sejung angelazhou 17 days ago

No, dong saeng I am a Ph.D. student in prestigious Seoul National University.

angelazhou Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

oh nice!

Wang_Sejung angelazhou 17 days ago

Thank you dong saeng., but if you study hard you can get in a prestigious university like me. Why not?

bangeryun94 Wang_Sejung 17 days ago

They're laughing at YOU, pervy ahjussi and your lies. You can't even wish someone well without calling attention to yourself. You're 28 like the Sphinx was created last week. And you're not in a prestigious university. Not in Korea, not anywhere. Your prestigious university is the boy brothel in New Jersey

Wang_Sejung bangeryun94 17 days ago

Once again why you are telling the biography of your to us? We don't care about your F... and your family problems!

Wang_Sejung bangeryun94 17 days ago

NORM 17 days ago

But how is this even 'more about his diagnosis' Heard it through the grapevine is basically repeating what was already said since May -_- Does this show even bring up new info or they just repeat what others have said >_>

MissBBLover 17 days ago

i hope he get well soon

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