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ChoA makes first public appearance since leaving AOA at solo fansign

By harmony4377   24 days ago   88,947   7,422   0



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Former AOA member ChoA has made her first appearance since her departure from the group

On July 1, the star met with fans at AK Plaza in Suwon for a fan sign event as part of her modeling contract with Italian sportswear brand 'Ellesse'. Even though she was able to greet fans by making eye contact with each one who came up with a bright smile, it's been reported that she couldn't help but shed a few tears when fans sang songs of farewell during the event. 

Check out the photos from her fan sign event! 

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(Updated with Video)

  1. ChoA

_CLeO 23 days ago

She looks happier and ever so pretty

Junior_Br 23 days ago

I expected a statement from FNC, something like this:  "Hello, this is FNC!About the rumors that ChoA would be leaving of AOA and about what she herself has written on her instagram, we all decides that she will stay the rest of the year away from the music scene ane the AOA. This does not mean ChoA will be leaving AOA. ChoA will return to music activities with the AOA in January 2018!While at AOA, it will continue to promote with 6 members during this  half of this years.Thank you all and be weel!" <3Was it a dream come true?! T^T oh God

Funky_Angel 23 days ago

I don't follow AOA enough to know exactly the reason why she's leaving but if she wishes to leave, we should respect her decision. We should consider her feelings, it may seem selfish to some people but what happens if she's not happy with where she is a wants another life? She deserves that, don't force her to promote with AOA if she doesn't want to.

Fairytaleending 23 days ago

I hope she brings more bops than ballads as a soloist (i doubt it) but i still hope she does good!

jeyjin 23 days ago

I'm gonna miss her. Maybe she'll go solo....

Junior_Br 23 days ago

Oh My God, I can not stop feeling a lump in my throat knowing that ChoA is no longer part of the AOA! These events are very complicated and painful for a fan of a group!I just wanted to be able to hug her and beg on my knees to stay with AOA ... my heart is very fragile with all those damn K-Pop events!Despite anything, I wish you the best to AOA and ChoA! I just want to hear your voice in music again! T^T

Gloria343 Junior_Br 23 days ago

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HyperQ4 23 days ago

You betrayed my dick

Peejeon HyperQ4 23 days ago

You can't betray a baby carrot

ruben 23 days ago

she is bae x 100 <3 choa <3

yawoxupu (Banned) 23 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

yawoxupu (Banned) 23 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

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