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BTS is the top Korean artist with the highest number of album sales in both Korea and Japan

By KpopJoA   16 days ago   67,477   29,830   0



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BTS is sweeping music charts left and right as the group is the top Korean artist with the most album sales in both Korea and Japan.

According to Japan's '2017 Oricon First Half Single Ranking', BTS' 'Blood, Sweat, Tears' sold a total of 257,621 copies, ranking 11th place overall and being the only foreign artist to make it to the 'Top 20' list.

Not only that, BTS also is taking care of business in their homeland, Korea. Their album 'YOU NEVER WALK ALONE' sold 728,417 copies, taking the number one spot on Gaon's First Half of 2017 album chart.  'WINGS' also recorded a high score in sales as well.

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Meanwhile, BTS once again took the K-pop world by storm with their latest release "Come Back Home" a remake of Seo Taiji and Boys' classic song from 1995.

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satty 15 days ago


darkangel452 15 days ago


Yutaschin 15 days ago

They have been so present in 2017; I'm surprised how my views of them and their fandom have changed so drastically in these past months, they are just so hardworking and inspiring....I'm definitely looking forward to supporting them by getting my first physical kpop album on their next comeback.

nguyenwinss Yutaschin 12 days ago

I'm just curious. What was your view on them before? And thanks for supporting them.

Yutaschin nguyenwinss 12 days ago

I didn't think badly of them, but the amount of support they were getting seemed baffling because, at least back then, they didn't seem like anything new or outstanding to me. When I asked ARMY or anyone to tell me why they liked them, most (at the time) would tell me that they were funny and they were great dancers, but that still wasn't enough for me to "get the hype". It wasn't until youtube autoplayed the HYYH album that I realized I was listening to BTS and actually enjoying every second of it. Once realizing they actually had really good music, I decided to give it a go and try to get to know them and i was surprised by how invested I got in their personal stories. As for ARMY, I used to think they were really loud and outspoken to a point where you couldn't leave a comment anywhere without them somehow making it about BTS; rather than annoying, it was overwhelming to me lmao My views of them changed during the whole BBMA voting process because I saw a lot of unnecessary rudeness directed towards them, yet they somehow remained calm and focused on the goal at hand. Seeing them act that way was just incredible, I had never seen a fandom so united.... I don't think I qualify as an ARMY yet, but I really want BTS to keep succeeding and climbing higher. I hope I can properly help them rise higher and get more recognition from this point on.

Loyalty 15 days ago

Album of the year? Hope so.

LveKimTae Loyalty 15 days ago

Definently they'll get Album of the year in MMA, there's no questions abt that. Hopefully they'll get Artist of the Year in MAMA again. Fingers crossed.

changminbaby 15 days ago

congrats ♥♥

slaythegame 15 days ago

some people are triggered by this info lol 👀

whatever101 16 days ago

AND we should be surprised because????? I mean its not like BIGBANG or TVXQ have ever done this and count their blessings EXO has yet to release an album in Japan unless you count their EXODUS Korean ONLY album that ranked on Oricon's Year End Charts, just saying since you know, they didnt have to shove that info in everyone's face to show off

LveKimTae whatever101 15 days ago

Why are u even here if u dislike bts so much? U can just choose to ignore these achievement articles 😒

darkangel452 16 days ago


HarryBJ 16 days ago

BTS, my boys, it's Time to conquer the world

Ewwwwwmysuc69 16 days ago

I fail to see how 11th place should be reported? That's not very good. Besides they can't even make original music now? Gotta remake a LEGEND group song for attention. Desperation don't fit allkpop or BTS

JungkookxYonghwa Ewwwwwmysuc69 16 days ago

Lmao please educate yourself

LveKimTae Ewwwwwmysuc69 16 days ago

11th is very good considering they're the only Korean artist to be ranked on top 20. And Seo Taiji himself allowed bts to remake his song. Please research ur facts first.

BangtanieAR Ewwwwwmysuc69 16 days ago

Lmaooo you tried! :D Selective reading will not help you in life, my friend.

bangeryun94 JungkookxYonghwa 15 days ago

Let's make a pact here and now and spread the news to other ARMY that when comments like the OP appear, we move on. Trolls and akp staff posing as trolls have a field day on BTS articles. We've got to learn to ignore this bilge. I've lost my temper for the last time over this blatent douchebaggery trolling. They'll lose their minds when their insults are met with silence.

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