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Black Pink's Rose sends her love to IU

By elliefilet   17 days ago   42,893   11,026   0



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Black Pink's Rose sent her love to IU on the July 5th installment of 'Weekly Idol'.

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Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked, "IU sent Rose a love call and said she wants to work with you. How do you feel?" Rose couldn't hold back her excitement, saying, "I found out because my dad sent a message in the family chat room. At first, I didn't believe it. I thought it was ridiculous."

She continued, "It's such an honor. I'll work hard and practice my singing in the future. I respect you."

Rose also sang a bit of IU's "You & I", which you can check out below!

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  2. Black Pink
  3. Rose

RedVelutionary 15 days ago

OMG if this happens I will cry in happiness :)))))))) 

RedVelutionary 15 days ago

Hey BLINKS! ICYMI we're getting BLINKS to wear black and pink on BLACKPINK's 1st anniversary! Spread the news pls :) Also, let's hashtag #BLACKPINK #BLINK #1STANNIVERSARY!

HarryBJ 17 days ago

IU u are the queen of my ♥️ heart, if this collab happens I will be in heaven

HarryBJ 17 days ago

Rosé 🌹 I love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

lume90 17 days ago

Rose <3

BigBlueagain 17 days ago

Fangirl goals! She's not IU, but she did a really good job. I really hope that YG keeps putting them out in public like this. The more they do the more they'll develop confidence to really get behind their signing when they're live.

makan BigBlueagain 17 days ago

I really like when I see senior Idol/Entertainers reach out to new Idols. Also nice to see newer Idols still get excited about other entertainers. Yes, you are right, there is Only one IU!

atlkpopfan 17 days ago

I really wish she'd sing with more confidence.  She did well in masked singer, but on vlives or shows like this when she's asked to sing, she always acts so shy and scared.  She's still a rookie now, but there's only so long people will excuse her not being prepared (i.e. singing with more authority and confidence\ability).

kpoplolita atlkpopfan 16 days ago

i agree, but if thats how her personality is, then ppl need to deal with that. its not something ppl can force. i do hope she becomes more confident when shes on the spot, at least on actual tracks where it matter she doesnt always sound the same.

atlkpopfan kpoplolita 16 days ago

no, people don't need to deal with that. She needs to actively work on improving it. I'm talking about her being professional not her changing how she behaves off camera. She should shake off the nerves with time, if she doesn't she will start to get criticized more since singing and performing in front of a camera is her job.

kpoplolita atlkpopfan 15 days ago

no im talking about her personality, some ppl suck at faking something that not them like preetending to be a badass. shes v aegyo filled its a part of her character. how she talks/sings in korean is v different from her eng style where shes huskier. shaking off nerves takes time and im sure she'll get there and prove her wide vocal range but it snot like shes unprofessional.

xxStrlght 17 days ago

Rosé stealing hearts since 1997.

kpoplolita 17 days ago

heres the reality folks, Rose doesnt have ONE voice/tone. none of us do, She showed that when she is seriously singing, she can do wider vocal ranges as seen on masked singer when she did "if i were you" ballad where she went lower toned and husky. But Rose, still a rookie, means room for improvement, like other rookies, so she always ends up going higher pitched when she is shy & on the spot, meaning more on the nasally side . GIVE HER TIME TO BE MORE CONFIDENT SINGING LIVE. Even on GDs track predebut she sounded huskier. This just means we STILL have a lot to look forward to from Rose. deal with it & quit being so picky about how she/other yg artists were trained as if you are some sort of music experts to judge whose voice is being "ruined" .

hanalala707 17 days ago

2ne1 substitute

kpoplolita hanalala707 17 days ago

wang_sejung wannabe

BigBlueagain kpoplolita 17 days ago


Shuny kpoplolita 17 days ago


Shuny BigBlueagain 17 days ago


WHY_SO_SERIOUS17 kpoplolita 17 days ago


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