Super Junior members choose their personal favorite songs from their past albums

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Previously, the Super Junior members shared their personal favorite songs from 'Super Junior 05' and 'SORRY, SORRY' here, and now we get to find out which songs they chose from the rest of their albums! 

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From their 2nd album 'Don't Don': 

Kyuhyun - "Disco Drive" (It's so exciting.)

Leeteuk - "Our Love" (Super Junior and E.L.F's love song!)

Ryeowook - "Song For You" (It was difficult because I recorded it when I had a horrible cold T.T)

Heechul - "You're My Endless Love"

Yesung - "Mirror"

From their 4th album 'Bonamana':

Kyuhyun - "Your Eyes" (It's my first duet song so I like it!)

Leeteuk - "My All Is In You" (I've always wanted to sing it in concert [the members sang it while I was in the military])

Ryeowook - "Coagulation" (A ballad by Changhyun hyung that I really like! The arrangement is new, and the mix was well done, so I'm satisfied with it in all aspects.)

Heechul - "One Fine Spring Day" (Ryeowook's grape candy voice is great!)

Yesung - "In My Dream"

From their 5th album 'Mr. Simple': 

Kyuhyun - "Storm" (You can feel Kyu's "storm"-y vocals.)

Leeteuk - "Andante" (Leeteuk-composed [five stars])

Ryeowook - "Opera" (You can feel its strength in concert, and it's better with the choreography!)

Heechul - "Oops!!" (It's the kind full of air song that only I can write!)

Yesung - "Sunflower"

From their 6th album 'Sexy, Free & Single' and 'SPY': 

Kyuhyun - "Bittersweet" (The melody is good.)

Leeteuk - "Only U" (The song I wrote in tears right before enlisting.)

Ryeowook - "A 'Good'bye" (My favorite Suju ballad! The parts are well-divided, and the hyungs sang it very well.)

Yesung - "Sexy, Free & Single"

From their 7th album 'MAMACITA' and 'This Is Love': 

Kyuhyun - "Mid-season" (A song that makes you want to travel.)

Ryeowook - "MAMACITA" (A song where we had to sing the high notes without Yesung hyung! I practiced it live very many times... I wonder how it'll sound if Yesung sings it!)

Heechul - "Evanesce" (My life's song, which gave me back my confidence in singing.)

Yesung - "This Is Love"

From their 10th anniversary special album 'Devil':

Kyuhyun - "Devil" (Just.)

Ryeowook - "Love at First Sight" (It's the most Suju-like song, and it's cool! I wish I could've sung it with them, but the hyungs sang it well!)

Yesung - "Simply Beautiful"

And lastly, from their repackaged special album, 'MAGIC':

Kyuhyun - "Magic" (#Jjanglike #Mostlike #Crazy)

Ryeowook - "Dorothy" (It's a song with 3 fable-like aspects, the melody, the lyrics, and the voices. I like it so much!)

Heechul - "Sarang" (A duet with a friend who is so completely different from me #83)

Yesung - "Magic"

We hope to hear even more amazing Super Junior songs in the future!




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oooxtina Thursday, June 16, 2016

why not kangin's faves?? i hope everything gets better soon

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christine_mary Sunday, June 12, 2016

this group is a complete package. they have the best vocal line, great actors, good mcs and djs as well. all their songs are good and even some are matter how inlove i am with exo, infinite, got7 and bts. super junior will always be my first love and my loyalty with them will always be yearning until all of the members will be able to stand on stage altogether and perform. super junior is still the first one to introduce kpop to the world alongside with dbsk and bb.BUT most of all,this group shows what real friendship and brotherhood is. they have the most genuine bond as a group which is evidently shown in all their shows and interviews. that alone makes them the unbeatable legendary kpop group.

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Larasss christine_mary • Sunday, June 12, 2016

That is exactly what I feel. They are my first love and will always be my love. Everything about them is just perfect, at least for me :")

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christine_mary Larasss • Monday, June 13, 2016

same goes here. im glad to have someone with the same sentiments. new boy group may outshine them but they will remain the legendary group alomgside with bb and dbsk who opened kpop to the world.

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Asianfan678 Saturday, June 11, 2016

I have to say three of my favorites are Shirt; Rock Star and No Other. I really like a lot of there songs :)

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