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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 3

By jubilantj   Thursday, April 28, 2016   13,653   1,876   15



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Is it possible to get more confused as the episodes go on? Because the more I watch 'Ddanddara,' the more lost I get. Seriously, what tf is going on? 

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The drama is trying to delay telling us what happened to Ha Neul as much as possible...just dragging it on and on and on, possibly until the very last episodes, which, I dearly hope is not the case because I don't think I can bare the curiosity and frustration any longer. 

The mystery surrounding what occurred between Ha Neul and Ji Young, and how the latter framed to former to make it appear as though he raped her, isn't presented in a way that makes the viewers like myself grow intrigued and anticipate the next episode--frustration and hair-pulling are what ensue instead. The whole scenario is very messy so far, and the writer and production crew just plop one mystery down after another, and to be very frank, I'm not liking the direction in which this drama's plot is heading. But...I'll stay the optimist and hold on to that meagre ray of hope that it can only go uphill from here.

Please give us more backstory on this chick because right now she seems kinda pointless. 

For example,  we only see bits and pieces of what happened to Ha Neul: a flashback to the day of his 'crime,' a scene of weasly Joo Han snapping at Ji Young for creating a huge gap in their evil little scheme (whatever it is) which clearly involves Ha Neul, and Ji Young phoning someone to ask for a favor with a somber expression on her face. Yeah...and those scenes tell us nothing. Nada. Nil. Zip. Cero. Except that, of course, Joo Han is a weasly little bastard and that Ji Young is probably the biggest bitch in this series. But hey, even evil guys must have sound enough reasons for stepping on the nice guys, right? We'll find out...perhaps soon. 

How I laugh at myself for getting so lost every time I watch this drama. 

The reason I say 'soon' is that without Ha Neul, there is no more Ddanddara band. For Ddanddara to continue on, Ha Neul's crime needs to be cleared. As Seok Ho's Voice of Reason friend Min Joo said, when Ha Neul's supposed sexual deviant past is eventually dug up--and you know it will be dug up, knowing these ruthless netizens--everything and everyone will be ruined, including Seok Ho, his company, the rest of the Ddanddara bandmates...basically everything and everyone near and dear to Seok Ho. So I'd advise Seok Ho, much like Min Joo did, to follow his head rather than his heart. But hey, who am I to be giving advice to a fictional character in a drama, especially a K-drama, where characters are notorious for placing themselves in disastrous situations which are often the direct results of listening to their hearts rather than their heads? 

This cute lil' kid named Chan Hee was honestly the best part about this entire episode. 

Moving on, it's finally good to see Seok Ho not get beat up by fate anymore...literally and figuratively. Remember how I said what goes around eventually comes back around in my last review? Well, it looks like the couple selfless actions Seok Ho showed to people in the past finally caught up to him; thanks to some heaven-sent mannas, Seok Ho is able to pick himself back up slowly, finding a talented new bassist named Na Yeon Seo, screwing Joo Han over big time, and as an extra, even recruiting a new band manager, aka Geu Rin, who eagerly volunteered for the job in order to be by Ha Neul's side 24/7. 


Oh look, more clues! ...that tell us nothing. 

I can already tell that a so-called cheesy 'love line' will soon be developing between Geu Rin and Seok Ho. To that I say, "Ugghhhh." Yeah, you heard me, "UGHHHHHHHHH." It's not even the age difference that is making me cringe so much at this soon-to-be couple. I feel no chemistry between them. The drama tries too hard to force the chemistry on us, and because it's so unconvincing, I find myself reacting even more aversely toward it. But to be fair, it's only the third episode. Maybe the love between Geu Rin and Seok Ho will turn more natural. 


Plot: 6

Cinematography: 8

Pacing: 6

Overall Score: 6.7




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    enzoa Friday, April 29, 2016

    If you really didn't get what's going on, you can either wait, ask an adult to explain it or watch the Teletubbies instead

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    maemeemee Friday, April 29, 2016

    seriously allkpop? do you have any problem with SBS or with Ddanddara, specifically?

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    dikariani maemeemee • Friday, April 29, 2016

    they just cant move on from replay 1988 maybe :v

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    shyloone Friday, April 29, 2016

    Its only the allkpop writers opinion what they think of the drama, I get the plot, and im even thinking way ahead of whats going to happen,I still really like this drama, for those of you that cant get it or understand it, then dont watch it, its not for you..Its not reply 1988 so get over the part Hyeri is playing..

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