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EXO's Baekhyun & Girls' Generation's Taeyeon reported to be dating + SM confirms it's true

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Media outlet 'Dispatch' has dropped quite the news today as they have unleashed their exclusive report pertaining to an alleged relationship between SM Entertainment artists EXO's Baekhyun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon!

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'Dispatch' says that the two have been dating for 4 months now in the utmost secrecy. It's said the reporters from the media outlet first spotted them while EXO was practicing for their first concert. Taeyeon provided moral support for the exhausted Baekhyun, who had to spend nights practicing due to the group's redoing of their choreography and recording with Kris's lawsuit.

Taeyeon headed towards Baekhyun's dorm and picked him up at a discreet location and enjoyed a date in the car. 'Dispatch' says they also spotted the two on several dates including before the concert as well as after the concert on the 26th and on the 28th before Girls' Generation's leave for Japan. Baekhyun would also meet Taeyeon near her dorm as well.

An insider apparently revealed, "Baekhyun picked Taeyeon as his ideal type as he was debuting, and Taeyeon found it cute... The two showed their interest in each other towards the latter half of last year, and started to date officially this February."

Stay tuned for updates including a statement from SM! 


[Update] - After a few hours, SM Entertainment has released a statement to confirm that the two are in fact dating! A rep from the agency responded to media outlets, "Having started off as close sunbae-hoobae, the two recently developed feelings for each other and are in the beginning stages."

Congratulations to the labelmates and now couple!!





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baekyeonforlife Monday, May 30, 2016

i hope this break up issue isn't true.. i ship them SO MUCH

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jasmine_woods Sunday, April 3, 2016

I am not sure if they broke up since sm havend confirm. I love this couple. I still support them. I just wish others would stop being childish and support them.

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xoxo_light Saturday, January 23, 2016

160123 ;

if u call yourself as a fan, u should support your idol no matter what happens..they are human they fall in love and u fall in love ..all will have their own life..BAEKYEON are just humans who are fated to meet n fall in love..whats their fault..if u hate them to be in love later u will feel the feeling of other people disapprove your relationship,,at that time u must have feeling sorry for blaming baekyeon to love each other dear just saying coz till now im feeling guilty for BAEKYEON coz of those immature haters who attacked them hardly right their dating news came out i remember this date 140618 ;

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