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Misheard Lyrics in K-pop Part. 2

By gracelim   Friday, August 16, 2013   168,788   975   441



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Based on your reactions from the first batch of misheard lyrics in K-pop, it seems I cheated you guys of a few of the more famous lyric twists (the nerve of some people, ugh).   

So back by popular demand, here are 26 of our favorite misheard snippets - some of which you may or may not already know. In this particular cluster you'll find plenty of weird (if not vulgar) misinterpretations, so you know... consider yourself warned. 

Enjoy, guys!

See - 0:22
"We've Got The Orrrange Juice"

See 2:10

"I Got A Boy On My Chin... I Got A Boy Chicken"

See - 0:57

"Cause I'll be dead..."

See - 0:15

"Listen - Enjoy the mayo..."

See - 0:52/ 1:21

"Mayonnaise my sorry egg..." 

"Everybody touch a rug"

See - 2:23

"Obama, just let me be your lava..."

See - 1:33

"But I got ten blisters by a boner..." 

See - 0:02

"Love his pay. Love is sober..." 

See - 1:21

"You're not a batgirl..." 

See - 1:15

"Pichu, pichu, pichu..." 

See - 0:13

"Stupid, moron knee..." 

See - 0:12

"I'm dirty for your kiss..." 

See - 1:28

"Hey shout your balls to the wall..." 

See - 0:18

"Hoe! I got that suit pulled off... that suit pulled off..." 

See - 1:09

"B*tch, b*tch..." 

See - 0:34

"TV acts cute..." 

See - 1:39

"Do a donkey, oh my gosh, oh my god..." 

See - 1:50

"I can hold my breast, breast, breasts..." 

See - 1:12

"Sweet ass french toast..." 

See - 1:37

"My horse got in trouble, trouble, trouble..." 

See - 0:11

"I'm black..." 

See - 0:23

"Destroy my ass..." 

See - 1:13

"Don't ditch the old dildo..." 

See - 0:02

"You kiss and rap son. You know... It's Fred!"

See - 2:07

"Soy un dorrito..." 

Honorable mention (and my personal favorite) 

This guy is a winner. 




  1. NU'EST
  2. Jo Kwon
  3. Dara
  4. 4minute
  5. B.A.P
  6. B2ST
  7. Big Bang
  8. Boyfriend
  9. Brown Eyed Girls
  10. EXO
  11. F.T. Island
  13. MBLAQ
  14. SHINee
  15. SISTAR
  16. Girls' Generation
  17. Super Junior
  18. TEEN TOP
  19. TVXQ
  20. U-KISS

park_sumi Monday, January 5, 2015

Haha!!!! I CAN'T BREATH!!!!!! LMAOOO!!!! "TV acts cute" "We got the orrrange juice" "Love his pay love is sober" "Batgirl"............LOL

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Mary_Williame_Ta Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hurricane by B.A.P.: "The Loof, the Loof, the Loofah's on Fire!"

Sexy Love by T-ara: "Sexy Eyes, Sexy Nose, Sexy MOUSE, Don't You Know?"

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lerndsdeas Sunday, September 22, 2013

​The part one more funny! The u-kiss one. I heard " you can smell backside. You no hole... It's bread " ;

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