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INFINITE members shed tears while talking about the SM C&C and Woollim merger

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The INFINITE members got so emotional that they spilled tears talking about Woollim Entertainment's merger with SM C&C to form 'Woollim Label'.

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During their encore stage, Sunggyu said, "The reason why INFINITE was able to come all the way here from the bottom when we debuted three years ago is because of our fans. I'm so lacking that I'm sorry to the members, as well. A lot of people misunderstand. The INFINITE team won't change. We'll give you good music and let you hear great music. I'm hurt because people are misunderstanding. INFINITE will not change."

Sungyeol said, "We trust our CEO's decision. Everyone, just trust us and follow us. We'll give back as much as you trust us." Hoya added, "When we're done with our world tour, some people will say we failed. But I believe that if we gained anything, however small, at all, it's not a failure. We'll be back upgraded another level with the world tour."

Woohyun started crying as he said, "There's nothing we did wrong. We just worked hard to be our best from the beginning. We're always thinking about you. Don't misunderstand. INFINITE will get bigger. Please look forward to it.

Sungjong also teared up and said, "I got confident because of you. I'm so thankful, and I hope we could forever be together." Dongwoo said, "I said I was a zelkova tree. When you think of us as a tree, the things that make us exist are our parents, who are like the ground foundation, Woollim Entertainment, who's like the water that allowed us to work / grow, and the fans, who are like the sun that always watch over us. Some can say that INFINITE is bad and some can say we're good. But we'll become an INFINITE that becomes even better the more you cut us down. We'll become a big tree that you can rest under."

L also cried and said, "To be honest, we had nothing at first. Now, we have a lot of good people. Even if we go back to the way we used to be, it won't be bad. But a person wants to keep having what he has. I can't imagine not having you. Everyone is precious."

Source: TV Report via Naver




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Mi_elf Thursday, April 16, 2015

Came here due to Lovelyz stupid non necessary article -_-

Infinite be strong :-) ;

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exral Friday, April 17, 2015

LOL. Same here

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Mi_elf Friday, April 17, 2015

@exral haha but to be honest i dont like lovelyz :-D

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phoesceia Friday, April 17, 2015

me too! ^_^

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luhan123 Sunday, November 2, 2014

"The reason why INFINITE was able to come all the way here from the bottom when we debuted three years ago is because of our fans.... ' lol . its because of that ent tablo's case wasnt even given any shits tho .

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redl Friday, April 17, 2015

Stop being so rude. You've never seen them grow and how hard they tried during their early years in KPOP. They even promoted the same song for 3 freaking months!!!

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crown123 luhan123 Monday, October 3, 2016

Well isn't it funny that the one being rude is EXO's fans ;). It's not surprising that EXO has the worst fans ever

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yooonoon Tuesday, April 22, 2014

if the trainees and the idols got to do what ever they wanted they wouldt go far with so much, i mean if there werent someone strict it would be like "oh another scandal... who is it this time.... oooh it was him this time" and "when will they come with new music? are they only here to be known? and not to make musik as they have been training?"

i think its good that companies is strict... but this is just my opinion.

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