Will Smith reveals why he asked Jay Park to sing for 'After Earth'

May 7, 2013 @ 7:49 pm
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Will Smith explained exactly why he asked Jay Park to sing "I Like to Party" for the Korean release of 'After Earth'!

On May 7, Jay Park came out as a special guest at the red carpet event for 'After Earth', held at the Seoul Time Square Atrium. He was greeted enthusiastically by both Will Smith and Jaden Smith. Together on stage with Jay Park, Will Smith said, "I don't know if everyone knows - well, they can't know since the movie's not out yet. Jay has the song at the end." Jaden clarified, "He has the end title song. He has the end title song at the end of the movie."

Jay also sang a part of the song at the event, and afterwards, Will Smith was asked why he selected Jay Park. He explained, "The producer of the film is my brother in law. He's my wife's brother. And his wife is Korean. During the process of working on the film, she was suggesting lots of young Korean artists that could be involved with the film. So Jay came up, and now it's at the end credits."

Jay Park then told Will Smith, "This is the first time in my life ever that I've been starstruck. For real. I've been watching you ever since I was a little kid." He told Jaden, "I've been seeing your stuff too. Your rap stuff. Thank you so much for coming and blessing us with your presence."

Image: Xports News



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