MBC's decision to cancel 'I Live Alone' this week to broadcast Psy's 'HAPPENING' concert annoys viewers

April 26, 2013 @ 11:52 pm
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'I Live Alone' viewers expressed their annoyance at the variety show being canceled for the 26th.

MBC had announced, "Because of the special Psy 'HAPPENING' concert being broadcast on April 26th, 'I Live Alone' will not air. Please excuse us. We are sorry for any inconveniences the cancellation has caused."

Since Psy's concert (13 days ago) had already been broadcast live on not only through YouTube but also Mnet and Naver, many viewers were baffled at the decision to broadcast the show on MBC at the expense of canceling a weekly variety show, especially considering that there aren't as many shows to watch on Fridays.

Annoyed by the decision, viewers expressed their thoughts on the viewer board, writing comments like, "Couldn't they have waited until after 'I Live Alone' aired?", "Very disappointed", "I guess I can't watch Seo In Guk today. I understand that Psy is all the trend these days, but I've waited a week to watch this show", "Instead of a world star, I want to watch national stars", "Cancelation? This is a bit too much", and more.

Source: TV Report

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