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G-Dragon suffers an injury during Japanese concert

April 28, 2013 @ 5:26 am
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Big Bang's G-Dragon suffered a small but unfortunate accident during the latest leg of his latest tour, 'ONE OF A KIND'.

"I finished the Osaka concert today," he posted earlier. "Immaturely, I hurt myself a little. Sorry. I wanted to give you guys a good show."

During a performance at the Osaka Kyosera Dome, he had injured his right leg which led to a prognosis of 2 weeks until complete recovery. However, he managed to finish his performance safely.

The remainder of his concerts for the tour will be held on schedule. "I'll rest well tonight and greet you tomorrow!" G-Dragon posted. "Thank you to everyone who came today and stuck it out until the end."

Thanks everyone for the tp!

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