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Comedian Kim Ji Min fulfills her wish of meeting Yoo Seung Ho

March 3, 2013 @ 4:06 pm
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Comedian Kim Ji Min fulfilled every fan girl's wish of meeting with one of Korea's hottest actors, Yoo Seung Ho.

Kim Ji Min posted on her me2day, "In the book 'The Secret', it said that if you truly wish for something it will happen... I'm excited!", and shared a snapshot of her smiling as the moment she dreamed about came to life while posing with Yoo Seung Ho.

Netizens also wished to meet Yoo Seung Ho commenting, "Kim Ji Min finally fulfilled her wish of meeting Yoo Seung Ho", "My wish is to meet Yoo Seung Ho too", and "I'm jealous."

Let's hope your wishes to meet your favorite celebrity one day come true!

Source + image: Herald News via Nate



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