Lee Ji Hoon shares his thoughts after his last filming of 'School 2013'

January 27, 2013 @ 8:53 pm
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Actor Lee Ji Hoon recently shared his thoughts on ending the drama 'School 2013'.

Lee Ji Hoon posted on his Twitter with, "All of our filming came to an end. It was amazing ㅠ I feel empty. Mm. There will be a new beginning after this ending! Great job to all the staff members, directors, and senior actors. Oh-Lee-Ji I love you. Thank you so much to my fans and please look forward to my future ♥."

Along with his post, he also uploaded a photo with fellow co-stars Lee Lee Kyung and Gwak Jung Wook.

Fans commented with, "I'm so sad it's ending" and "Oh-Lee-Ji fighting!"

The last episode of 'School 2013' will air on the 28th.

Source + image via Lee Ji Hoon's Twitter

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