Kwanghee's informal speech on 'Running Man' receives some criticism

January 22, 2013 @ 1:50 am
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ZE:A's Kwanghee is definitely a trend idol these days as he makes frequent broadcast appearances on many shows as guests or as part of the fixed panel. One of the latest shows he appeared on was 'Running Man', which is undeniably one of the most watched variety shows by a wide range of age groups in the nation.

As such, Kwanghee faced some criticism after the airing of the episode as he used informal speech after getting his name tag torn off by HaHa and Gary. When that happened, he remarked, "I hate HaHa and Gary!" with informal speech rather than using the respectful form of speech (adding the syllable 'yo' at the end of sentences) although Haha and Gary are hyungs that are over 10 years older than him.

Since this isn't the first time he has been called out for informal speech, some viewers voiced their annoyance, saying, "Even though he's a bright character, he should still be respectful", "Maybe Kwanghee should change his character a bit", and "Be careful of the way you talk".

However, since it was a matter of being in the moment, others came to his defense pointing out on message and viewer boards, "He wasn't saying it directly to HaHa and Gary", "He's working hard in variety shows, is that something to criticize?", and "He was just saying it to himself. Do people talk respectfully to themselves?".

Source: Aju Economy via Nate, CityDaily

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