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Girls' Generation models for CASIO's BABY-G with 'First Kiss' theme

January 18, 2013 @ 6:07 pm
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Girls' Generation recently modeled for CASIO's BABY-G line.

The BABY-G series is a women's watch line for Japanese watch brand CASIO. Their 2013 S/S theme is 'Kiss Me Baby-G', and Girls' Generation worked under the concept of the thrill and nervousness of receiving their very first kiss for this photoshoot.

The girls were all smiles on the set even though Girls' Generation had to hold the photoshoot in the freezing weather and in the midst of their busy promotions with their new song "I Got A Boy". Each of the members were styled with colors that matched their characteristics so they could pull off the sweet 'kiss' image perfectly.

CASIO said, "Girls' Generation and BABY-G have come together to create a surprising synergy. This photoshoot is more meaningful as it contains the kiss marks of the Girls' Generation members, who are extraordinary not only in form (visuals and designs) but also their function just as the BABY-G watches are."

Check out the photos below!

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