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Big Bang and 2PM included on Oricon's 'Best Concerts of 2012'

January 9, 2013 @ 7:36 pm
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Big Bang and 2PM were both included on Oricon's 'Best Concerts of 2012 Top 11' chart which reviewed a total of 141 concerts held in Japan this past year.

The 'BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 In Japan' and '2PM Live 2012 Six Beautiful Days' concerts both ranked in at #5 and #6 respectively.

Oricon complimented Big Bang's Japanese tour stating, "We were amazed at the high level of performance. The strongly addictive songs and the remarkable creativity in every aspect made it clear that big artists from out of this world have arrived."

Oricon also gave their review of 2PM's six-day concert and stated, "Although a member was injured prior to the concert so the odds were against them to perform with a 100% satisfactory performance, they were still able to achieve a handsome six-day stage. Their charms are their dancing with their strong built figures and the quality of their songs in addition to the members' characters. They were able to shows their individual charms through their solo stages that changed each day and brought the fans to their feet. It was a large scale performance that made the stage feel cozy."

Source: Oricon

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