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Baek Ji Young returns with "I Hate It" on 'M! Countdown'!

January 3, 2013 @ 10:11 am
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Baek Ji Young has released her new single titled "I Hate It"!

Renowned pianist Yiruma and composer 2FACE, who teamed up as 'Mind Tailor',  have written and composed the single, lending a hand to the soloist's anticipated comeback.

WS Entertainment stated previously, "Baek Ji Young and Yiruma's collaboration is their first project [together] through which the two artists' were able to express their common musical and emotional understandings. 'I Hate It' is more than just a 'crossover' of classical and popular music; it's a ballad song based on Yiruma's trademark ability to bring out emotions, and Baek Ji Young's sorrowful voice adds to the beautiful melody [to create] a story."

Check out Baek Ji Young's comeback stage below!

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