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Hip hop duo Geeks signs with WA Entertainment

December 18, 2012 @ 5:52 am
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It has been announced that hip hop duo, Geeks, has recently signed with WA Entertainment!

Geeks made their debut with "Officially Missing You" in 2011 and continued to gain popularity through their following singles, "Just Leave", "In the Morning", and "Hold It Down". Geeks also collaborated with SISTAR's Soyu for a new version of "Officially Missing You" this past November which is still doing well on music charts.

A representative confirmed, "Following Phantom, [WA Entertainment] has signed Geeks. We look forward to showcasing Geeks' unique talents through various promotional activities so we ask for your support."

Upon signing with WA Entertainment, it has been revealed that Geeks have immediately begun recording and plan to release a new album early next year.



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