Comedians Yoon Hyung Bin and Jung Kyung Mi to get married in spring 2013

December 8, 2012 @ 1:15 am
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Yoon Hyung Bin and Jung Kyung Mi will finally get married in spring 2013!

The couple had suffered various rumors about breaking up as they had dated for 7 years without setting a date for a wedding. Jung Kyung Mi clarified that the two were still very much together through a previous 'Gag Concert' segment, as she joked, "I'm going to sue Yoon Hyung Bin. Because all we've been doing is dating for 7 years, I have to worry about giving birth at an old age now! Hurry up and give me our wedding date. If you don't, I'm going on a blind date."

The two have been dating since September 2005, where they met as KBS comedians. They are planning to confirm details of their wedding and announce it during 'Gag Concert' on the 12th, because it is the show that they met on. The two are currently discussing with the staff of the show to make a script that will combine both comedy and their wedding plans.

A representative said, "Jung Kyung Mi and Yoon Hyung Bin have recently met with both sides' parents and confirmed their marriage for next spring. They'll be getting married before May next year".

Congratulations to the couple!

Image: TVReport

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