[Spoiler] Final episode of 'Vampire Prosecutor 2' foreshadows a third season?

November 18, 2012 @ 11:27 pm
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The popular OCN drama 'Vampire Prosecutor 2' ended its run with a final episode on Sunday, with a twist ending which many viewers are interpreting to be the lead-in to a third season for the seminal franchise.

Although many of the loose ends that came about throughout the season were tied up in the season finale, the true identity of the 'bad blood' (a recurring plot point throughout the series) was kept in secret, leading viewers to wonder if the premise would be explained in a future installment.

Ahead of the final broadcast, producer Lee Seung Hoon stated, "There is a massive reversal hidden in the plot. A shocking story will be revealed, which will lead to new questions. We thank all of the viewers who gave love to our drama. Since many staff members and actors gave their all to this project, we hope you will watch it with interest."

Source: Kuki via Nate

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