miss A promises to return with an even more upgraded concept

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Girl group miss A is on the brink of wrapping up promotions for their latest release, "I Don't Need a Man". Prior to their final performance on SBS's 'Inkigayo', the ladies of miss A took some time to speak about their future plans.

"This week is our last performance, so we're very sad. 5 weeks seem too short," they said, prior to going on stage. "The most disappointing part is that we don't think we connected as well with the masses as we thought we should."

"I saw a lot of posts on Twitter about how we should release more songs like this, and how they liked the lyrics and identified with them" Suzy said. "We were really happy because that was the intent of our song. Thanks to people like them, I think that's why our track didn't drop beyond 10th place in the rankings," she laughed.

On their new image as the 'representative for women', miss A expressed their gratification at the role. "We like it this way, we think this proud image is exactly what miss A is supposed to be," they said. "We hope that, in the future, whenever people speak of proud females, they think of us as well."

"Although our promotions ended disappointingly early for us, we'll return soon with an even better next album. In two months, Suzy becomes an adult. We're planning something involving a powerful, sexy performance," miss A promised. "Although we don't have a set concept or song yet, but we'll come back with a strong, honest, miss A-trademarked style."

Source: Economy Today via Nate


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