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miss A's Suzy and Jia share their positive energy with 'Allure Korea'

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Suzy and Jia, who have been busy with promotions for miss A's "I Don't Need a Man" comeback, have lent their energy to 'Allure Korea'!

For the December edition, the girls took time off of their busy schedule for a gorgeous new pictorial that unfortunately took place late into the night. Despite that fact, staff members remarked that the two were energizers on set, constantly laughing and sharing their positivity with everyone around them. Needless to say, they were a perfect fit for the shoot's concept, which called for a beautiful but mysterious goddess look.

In the accompanying interview for the shoot, Suzy was asked where she got her positive energy from, to which she replied, "In the past, it was hard for me to control my facial expressions whenever things got difficult but now I chant to myself, 'I'm a professional.' It's really easy for it to show on your face when you're not enjoying something and I don't want to show that. I always try to forget everything in the moment and just enjoy it."

When asked if she had any concerns lately, she replied, "I want to get away from my cute image and mature a bit. I also want to work harder to get acknowledged, but I always have schedules to attend to so I don't have enough alone time. It's upsetting for me since I don't have practice time when I want to show a perfect image on stage."

As for Jia, she was asked if any insecurities have crept up for their group with so many girl groups having debuted, and she replied, "Many people ask us who miss A's rivals are. Before, we said we didn't have any, but now we say it's miss A. Because 'Bad Girl Good Girl' did so well, there are so many who still remember it. I want us to win over the 'Bad Girl Good Girl's miss A. Through the new album, we hope to show you a more matured image."

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