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Jessica and Krystal show off their beauty

November 28, 2012 @ 10:32 pm
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The Jung sisters Jessica and Krystal have once again showed off their superior genetics.

The photo above of the two sisters flying off to Singapore was uploaded onto SM Towns official Facebook page and has been gaining attention.

The sisters displayed their beauty with a simple V pose and through this picture their stylish sense of fashion can also be seen. Jessica went with a casual yet elegant look by wearing a brown coat, flannel, and jeans while her sister Krystal wore a chic outfit consisting of a black leather jacket that was matched with a leopard print scarf.

Fans commented on their photo saying, "The sisters are even prettier because they are close," "Jessica's so cute. I can't tell who's older," and "Truly superior genes."

On another note, the artists of SM Entertainment performed in Singapore for 'SM Town Live World Tour III' on November 23rd.

Source & Image: SM Town's Facebook

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