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TVXQ releases 6th album 'Catch Me'

September 24, 2012 @ 3:21 am
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TVXQ is finally back with their sixth Korean album, 'Catch Me'! Though the hardcopy album won't be available until September 26th, fans are able to download the album via Genie, Mel0n, Naver, and other online retailers.

As reported earlier, the album contains 11 tracks including: 1. Catch Me, 2. 인생은 빛났다(Viva), 3. Destiny, 4. 비누처럼(Like a soap), 5. I don't know (Korean ver.), 6. 꿈(Dream), 7. How are you, 8. Getaway, 9. I swear, 10. Gorgeous, and 11. Good Night.

The title track is a trendy dutch electronic sound overlapped with orchestral performances is what makes "Catch Me" that much more of a 'catch'.

Of the album, Yunho stated, "While preparing for this album, I felt a lot of things. As a lot of thoughts were put into this album, I want to believe that life has been bestowed on this album."

While we wait for the music video for "Catch Me" check out a sampling of the tracks off their album of the same name below. Remember to support TVXQ by purchasing their album!

Catch Me



Like a Soap


I Don't Know


Good Night

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