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BtoB's Ilhoon and JOO confirmed to be siblings

April 11, 2012 @ 2:27 pm
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BtoB's Jung Ilhoon and singer JOO have been revealed to be siblings!

JOO confirmed on Twitter April 10th, "Yes, everyone is right~ BtoB's Jung Ilhoon is my biological younger brother... Hehe^^ BtoB's cool, right?"

She added, "Please give lots of love to BtoB. To Ilhoon as well." The photo she posted showed an autograph by Ilhoon with the short yet touching message, "To: My Nuna." The BtoB member even made sure to include a small heart, making it obvious that the two are pretty close.

Ilhoon mentioned in a radio program the same day, "My older sister gives me a lot of support. She tells me to do what I want without interfering. If I happen to do something wrong, she'll give me straight-forward criticism and cheer me on."

BtoB member Lim Hyunsik has also been revealed to be the son of famous folk singer Lim Ji Hoon. Apparently, Hyunsik preferred to do things through his own merit as it's reported he kept the fact that he was the famous singer's son to himself for a long time.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate + JOO's Twitter
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