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BtoB participates in their first pictorial for 'CeCi' magazine

April 19, 2012 @ 2:06 am
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Cube Entertainment's ambitious new rookie group, BtoB, recently participated in their first ever pictorial for 'CeCi' magazine.

Completed under the theme of "a secret party of young boys", the pictorial features the boys in luxurious and stylish party outfits that leave the boys standing between a fine line between youthfulness and maturity.

You can hardly tell that it's their first time modeling fashion in front of a camera, as they all look experienced in the way they're bringing out the best of their features and looks. Minhyuk also made a slight reveal of his usually hidden abs while Peniel and Sungjae show off a sense of professionalism usually only seen in veterans.

Fans should expect to see more of such exposure for the group soon, as unsurprisingly, their handsome looks combined with exceptional talent has them on the radar of the advertisement industry.

More cuts and their interview can be seen in the May edition of the magazine.

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