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MBLAQ members reveal the celebrities they keep in touch with

March 28, 2012 @ 7:21 pm
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Girls' Generation recently drew interest for revealing the top celebrities they keep in touch with, and idol group MBLAQ's own social circles are also garnering new attention.

The members of MBLAQ previously filled out a 'resume' for Mnet's 'Wide Entertainment News', and the things they wrote down by hand caused netizens to explode in laughter.

The members revealed their real names, wrote down what kind of assets they have to their name, some of the hilarious 'concerns' they had, and in which ways they thought they were superior to their fellow members.

G.O. felt that he was good looking and therefore had an advantage in the group, while his concern was also that he was a bit too good looking. Meanwhile, Mir hilariously wrote that he had an advantage over the members because he owned a lot of land, and Thunder's biggest concern was whether he should eat pork belly plain or to eat it with kimchi.

The boys also wrote down the names of top celebrities they were close with.

Seungho wrote that he was close with 2AM's Seulong and After School's NaNa, and under the 'top star' category, he scribbled the names of Rain & Se7en. G.O. wrote down 2PM's Junsu and 2AM's Seulong, while also writing Rain in the 'top star' box. Lee Joon wrote that he kept in contact with Onew and Yonghwa, and sure enough, also wrote Rain under 'top star'. Thunder played it safe by simply writing the number of celebrities he was close to, while Mir proved to be the socialite by writing numerous names such as Jinwoon, Key, Dongwoon, Nicole, NaNa, Jae Jin, Minho, Rain, Mighty Mouth, and hilariously, his sister Go Eun Ah.

Netizens who reviewed the boys' 'resume' remarked, "They are all blood type A, interesting," and "They have a wide circle of friends," as well as "Mir has a lot of land?"

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate



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