After School hopes for success in Japan with their formal Japanese album, 'PLAYGIRLZ'

March 15, 2012 @ 7:47 pm
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After School is ready to officially conquer Japan.

On March 14th, the ladies released their formal Japanese album 'PLAYGIRLZ'. The album consists of Japanese versions of "Diva", "Bang", "Because of You", "Shampoo", among other songs that were hits in Korea. As a bonus, the album also contains a Japanese version of Orange Caramel's "Shanghai Romance",

Furthermore, eight other songs which were previously released in Japan such as "Just In Time", as well as "Rambling Girls", "Broken Heart", and "Gimme Love" have also been added.

With a total of 13 tracks, the album is sure to reveal all the different appeals of all eight girls, and fans' expectations for their new promotions are only increasing with time.

On the day of it's release, 'PLAYGIRLZ' rose to #6 on the Oricon chart, breaking a new record for the girls, and proving that they are quickly gaining popularity in the local area.

A poster of the girls can also be found on the Shibuya 109 building, a major shopping location in the busy streets of Tokyo, and the members have also become the first idols selected to model for a globally famous brand of handbags.

In related news, AfterSchool will be embarking on their Japanese tour 'PlayGirlz' on April 27th, covering Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Source & Image: SportsSeoul via Nate



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