UEE reveals that she is the military disciplinarian of After School

February 23, 2012 @ 8:56 am
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After School's UEE revealed that she is the military disciplinarian of the team.

On February 23rd, UEE guested on MBC's 'Golden Fishery - Radio Star', where she revealed, "You have to set military discipline from the start."

Referring to her former days as a swimmer, UEE stated, "Maybe it's because I was an athlete in the past, but I think it should be required to treat the unnies (older sisters) with respect." She added, "There are things that the youngest members should do. For example, they should set the table when eating or unwrap the food if it is delivered. Even when riding in the car, the oldest unnies should sit in the front and the younger members should sit in the back."

MBLAQ's Lee Joon, who also guested on this day, replied, "I think that's different from us. We are all someone's precious child" - drawing lots of laughter in the studio.

Source: Donga via Naver

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