Gummy & T.O.P win with their stellar performance on 'I Am a Singer'

December 12, 2011 @ 4:25 pm
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Big Bang's T.O.P made a surprise rap-feature for label mate Gummy's performance on 'I Am a Singer'. The theme for the December 11th episode of this season's 'I Am a Singer' was 'Sanullim Special', for which Kim Chang Wan, the leader of Korean rock trio Sanullim, was in attendance to witness all seven performances. Gummy may be the youngest of this season's 'I Am a Singer' lineup of veterans which includes Kim Kyung HoBobby Kim, and Jaurim, but she still managed to put on an energetic and powerful performance of the Korean classic, "Rascal" to claim her #1 win. For her performance, Gummy rocked a punk-rock attire consisting of torn red-and-black plaid skinny jeans, with a black graphic sleeveless tee. She wore her hair in long, waves and donned dark makeup with studded accessories to complete her look. The energy of her performance only heightened with the surprise guest-feature of Big Bang's T.O.P. The charismatic rapper dressed in all-red stepped out in the middle of Gummy's performance, and the audience rose from their seats to cheer for the two charismatic performers. Bobby Kim who watched their performance remarked, "I feel like I'm here as a guest for Gummy's concert." Following Gummy were Jaurim, Yoon Min Soo, and Kim Kyung Ho who came in at second, third, and fourth place, respectively. Source & Image: SportsSeoul

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