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SECRET wins Inkigayo Mutizen + other performances

June 19, 2011 @ 7:57 am
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SBS's Inkigayo is back once again, and this week's show was full of amazing and fun performances from the top participating K-pop artists! The 'Take 7' nominees for this week's show were B2ST ("Fiction"), Baek Ji Young ("As Usual"), F.T. Island ("Hello Hello"), SECRET ("Starlight Moonlight"), Sunny Hill ("Midnight Circus"), 4MEN ("To Live At Least Once"), and Kim Hyun Joong ("Break Down"). We had a new Mutizen winner as it was announced that SECRET had won for this week. Congratulations to the girls who certainly did not expect to win (their reactions) but it's certainly SECRET TIME! Congratulations to SECRET! === Rainbow and 2PM's teasers were revealed. === Others who performed on today's show included Young Jee, N-Train, YunwhaJaein, Jisun, Rania, Boyfriend, 5dolls, and Jang Woo Hyuk. ===

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