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New girl group 'Ei-Yo' releases debut single MV, "Stay Out of Sight"

May 17, 2011 @ 4:46 am
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On May 17th, a new girl group trio by the name of 'Ei-Yo' made their debut with "Stay Out of Sight." You might be able to recognize member Kim Seul Mi, as she's a highly popular ulzzang who previously starred in shows like "Ulzzang Generation." As the sub-vocalist of the group, she supports main vocalist Shim Eun Mi and rapper Oh Han Na. Their title track is an addictive pop song that caters to the electronic flavor that's so popular in the current music market. The album also includes a remixed version by Ghost Bus and 24mastering DJ Misjah. Check it out below! [gallery] Source: TV Daily via Nate Tip: Limelade, Jae

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