Model Kim Yuri commits suicide

April 19, 2011 @ 5:46 am
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On April 19th, model Kim Yuri has been reported to have committed suicide through the consumption of poison. Kim Yuri was rushed to the a medical center in Samsung-dong, Seoul after her suicide attempt was discovered, but reports later revealed that she had unfortunately passed away. Her wake has not yet been prepared. It seems fans were alerted of the pain she was undergoing, as just a few days before, she had written on her mini-homepage, "No matter how many times I think about it.... Over a hundred times....  I'm the only one in this world." Born in 1989, Kim Yuri was an English major at Hanshin University before making her modeling debut for various high-end brands like MCM and MAX MARA, as well as fashion shows like the Seoul Collection and Daegu Collection. Netizens have been expressing their grief through her homepage and various community boards, as she was one of the models with the brightest future ahead of her.

Source: MyDaily via Naver

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· Posted August 28, 2013 @ 8:30 pm

I know her pain. You may be surrounded by friends and family, but you may feel lonely in this world. I wish I could've helped her.

The End