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B1A4 reveals second member, Baro!

April 11, 2011 @ 10:50 pm
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Despite joining a host of other boybands that are scheduled to debut, like Boyfriend, M-1, X-5, Block-B, and After School Boys, the newest group to enter the fray, B1A4, has been taking an unconventional approach in publicizing their upcoming debut using webtoons!   Today, the second member, Baro, was revealed on the landing page of the official B1A4 site. A representative of WM Entertainment, the agency of B1A4, stated, "Unlike his cute looks, Baro actually has a charismatic rap tone. He took over the entire rap making for their debut album, and has exceptional skill talent in that area." We'll be keeping you posted as more information becomes available about Baro and the rest of the B1A4 members. Source: B1A4 official site, TV Daily via Nate Tip:benz

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