"SKK Scandal" actor Kang Sung Pil tests positive for marijuana

January 30, 2011 @ 11:00 pm
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Two actors from the popular drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" are making headlines for unfortunate events today. Actor Kang Sung Pil, better known for his role as "Byung Choon" or the right-hand of "Jun Tae Soo", was revealed for his use of marijuana by Korean investigators. On KBS's 9 o'clock News, it was reported that through hair drug testing, the test came out positive for marijuana. On December 28th, the actor was summoned as a suspect and participated in a 5-hour long investigation. Later, the actor admitted that he had used the drug various times with comedian Jung Chang Gul. Actor "P" who was also named as a suspect in drug charges has not been cooperating with the prosecutors and has disappeared, leading the officers to turn to the Minister of Justice to forbid him from leaving the country and issue an arrest warrant. Along with this, and actor Kim Sung Min who was found guilty for smuggling and use of drugs, the police are looking to see if there are any other celebrities involved with actor "P". Source: Nate

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