Jiyeon's agency to take legal action over strip video controversy

October 6, 2010 @ 10:20 am
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With the topic of T-ara's maknae Jiyeon participating in video strip chat sessions currently being a hot issue all over the internet, Jiyeon's parents and entertainment agency have confronted the issue strongly with an official statement, denying all forms of evidence. Core Contents Media stated, "We directly checked with Jiyeon herself, and it was confirmed that it was only someone who looks similar." Jiyeon's parents also told her company that, "Jiyeon is only a high school student, but she has already been gravely scarred and crying heavily because of this issue. They are wishing for legal actions to be taken against the reporters and media who are criticizing Jiyeon because of pictures that have not even been confirmed, and they wish for this to not happen again." Meanwhile, Jiyeon's agency is currently working with cyber investigators to search for the original distributor of the video, and also revealed they will indeed be taking legal actions against reporters who are using unconfirmed pictures of Jiyeon as evidence. Source + Photo: TV Daily, SPN

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